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In the summer of 2010 I became the Lead Pastor of a church that was more like an overgrown lot than a fertile field. The church had been broken by rocks of immorality, weeds of bad theology, and was full of the type of toxicity that would render most soil unfit for planting. That church was Xtreme Christian Fellowship.

Over the last 27 months God by His Spirit has used His people to remove the rocks, pull up the weeds, and prepare the soil. This type of work is not taught in seminary and one cannot find a book at the latest conference that reveals the “shortcuts” to cleaning up the mess that was Xtreme. However, God is faithful, gracious, and more than able to take even the most overgrown field and turn it into something beautiful and fruitful.

In the last 27 months Xtreme has gone from a church of 30 to a church with an active membership that is pushing 90. However, In the last 6 months we have hit the wall of walls. We have prayed, fasted, planned, sought counsel, and done all the other things that “they” say you should do to reverse slumps in attendance and growth. Nothing worked.

Then, it dawned on me that there has been one stubborn rock in our field. One rock that has isolated us. One rock that has been more of a negative reminder of the past than a positive sign of what is to come. This rock does not represent who we have become over the last 27 months. For the last 27 months there has not been anything extreme about Xtreme. We are not a fight church. We are a grace church that happens to LOVE fighters. Big difference. After years of preparing the field the time is finally right for us to say goodbye to that stubborn rock that has been hindering new life. So, on Easter Sunday, the church that was Xtreme will become Grace Life Church Clarksville. Over the last 27 months we have shaped a new culture, mission, vision, and values. It is time for our name to line up with our identity.

I thank God in advance for the explosion of fruitfulness that is headed our way now that the field is finally in order!

Carlo Serrano
Lead Pastor
GraceLife Church

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