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The Morphing Church

We are in an unusual period of time – things are shifting all around us and the church is right in the middle of this. There is more change happening in the world today than in the entire history of man, and the church is in a massive state of flux.

During the 2012 mPact Conference Michael Fletcher led a workshop that addressed this reality and how the church should respond. To download the notes from his workshop please select the link below.

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Tommie Slade —

I totally agree. start and train the younger generation. The question what about the older generation who are just getting started as well. Do we get trained as well? And so, what do we do? Hope I am phrasing it right.

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    Michael Fletcher —

    Absolutely!! We need your experience, insight, and wisdom. The training for the older generation just coming into ministry would be similar to those of the younger generation only it would likely be an accelerated process (you would already have the experience and wisdom that can only be learned through time). I would encourage you to serve your leaders, seek theological training (Bible classes, etc.), and DO ministry. The main thrust of the article though is that we need to actively recruit the next generation. They are our future once we are gone.

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