A Church Collective

mPact is a mentoring movement united to plant, assess, coach and train leaders for maximum impact. Our goal is to develop “impact churches”.
mPact churches recognize that the primary calling on the church, no matter its model or configuration, is to equip the members of the body to change the world.


mPact churches are marked, therefore, by placing a high value on developing an outreach culture.

Jesus’ first mention of the word “church” is found in Matthew 16:18 (ESV) where He declares, “… on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” The “rock” is the revelation of Who He is (the promised Messiah) and what He has come to do (establish His Father’s kingdom on planet Earth). The Gospel creates the Church and the Church communicates the Gospel to the end that it advances the Kingdom of God through the earth – every tribe, every nation, every language, every people. And, though hell may attempt to hinder that mission, Jesus’ promise is that hell will not, it cannot prevail. This is the Church’s mission and mandate. It’s why the Church exists.

Resources To Equip Churches To Reach The World

mPact Churches offers a growing list of resources designed to help equip church leaders for maximum impact.


Connect with other mPact church leaders in various conferences throughout the year.


Grow as a leader and deepen your relationship with God through a curated selection of books from mPact leaders.


Regularly published articles on a variety of topics to help inspire, inform and educate.

What Is mPact?

At mPact, Churches our relationships are the most valuable resources we possess. That is why we call ourselves a “band of brothers”. Some of us have been together for decades and others only a couple of years. What unites us is a common vision to plant churches and develop leaders. We get asked, “How do I join?” The answer is always, “Have you ever filled out an application for a friendship?” Of course, the obvious answer is “no”. It is the same with mPact. There is no application; your ticket “in” is your growing friendship with other leaders. Come join us for one of our events. If it “clicks” for you and for us, you are “in”.

Give us some information about yourself (so we can “get the ball rolling”) and hang out with us at one of our events. The “band” always has room for a couple of new brothers.