mPact is a mentoring movement united to plant, assess, coach and train leaders for maximum impact. Our goal is to develop “impact churches”.


Churches who impact their city, neighborhood, city-sphere through outreach.


Churches who impact their region through church planting and multisite.

Uttermost parts

Churches who impact through church planting and mission sending.
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Our Vision

The church in the New Testament made an impact everywhere they went. The early church received direction from Jesus to impact the world in three concentric circles.

Our goal is to develop churches who empower the congregation to do all three. We believe strongly in the priesthood of all believers and are convinced that the primary role of those in full-time vocational ministry is to equip believers for ministry.

Our Features

mPact Churches Include:

Local Churches

Large megachurch, medium community, and small neighborhood church models.


Multiple expressions of one local church.


Missional Communities or smaller, relationally-based, organic expressions of the Body of Christ.

Our Passion

As we read the Bible and look at church history, we see that Christianity and the church created by the power of the Gospel is a movement, not just an organization. The first century church was a movement from the start, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit. That same multiplying power is seen in various parts of the world today – in China, in parts of Africa, in Latin America, in the underground church in the Middle East and parts of Asia. Why not here, in America? Why not now? It’s okay to dream isn’t it? And if we fail, at least we will have failed moving in the right direction! Either way, we will have made an impact.