Empowering Leadership:

How a Leadership Development Culture Builds Better Leaders Faster

A major problem in the local church today is lack of leadership. Simply put, we have more needs than we have leaders to meet those needs. So, how do we train better leaders faster?

The truth is, very few churches really have a well-thought-out leadership development plan. Growth requires continually adding healthy new leaders, who carry the church culture forward and embody its core values. Everyone knows it, but how do we achieve it?

In Empowering Leadership, author and leadership consultant Michael Fletcher says leaders like this can’t simply be bought, nor can they be hired from someone else’s leadership assembly line. Developing leaders at every level, to create an environment that attracts potential leaders, and to build better leaders faster, an organization needs more than a pipeline. It needs a culture that develops leaders organically.

Finding the right kind of leaders to guide your church on a path of continual growth comes out of keeping the right focus, and that focus is not just on the leaders. In fact, as Fletcher says,

Build Better Leaders Faster

Redefined: A Simple Path to a Hope-Filled Life

What does it mean to be a Christian? For most people, what comes to mind is a list of rules. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Try harder. Do better. Many people feel hopeless and have given up on this kind of religion for good reason—it does not work. We do not feel close to God. We do not change like we believe we should. We seem powerless to impact culture.

In redefined*, pastor Allen Holmes brings a powerful message to a weary world—this kind of religion is nothing like the blessed life Jesus has in mind for you. The good news is that a blessed and transformed life is closer than you imagined.

  • What if God redefined your understanding of what it means to follow Him?
  • What if you discovered that most of what you have believed is wrong?
  • What if God is more interested in a relationship with you than your performance for Him?

That kind of discovery would change everything! It would mean that the change, growth, and breakthrough you have been looking for is found in your weakness, not your strength. Jesus came to offer more than you can imagine—a blessing that reunites you with the Father, transforms your relationships, and empowers you to engage with culture.

It’s time to redefine* what it means to follow Jesus.